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Recent Websites By AC Business Guide (Professional Website/YouTube HD Video Quality (click on the website to visit it)

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Recent Flash Pages We Created
Band Page - Halloween - Ring Fever Stars - Capri Pizza Menu - Ring Fever Fans - Village Grande Photo Wall - Playwright Irish Pub
Village Grande Clubhouse - Capri Pizzeria Photo Wall - Village Grande Events Calendar - DiPalermo Pizza - Gaspare’s
Vince McMahon - Testimonials - JRs Tavern
English Creek Self Storage - Ocean Heights Self Storage - Clayton Self Storage
Single Page Including Menu -
Atlantic City Sub Shop
page0-star-bar-flashing-3-3My name is Cliff, I am now semi retired and live in South Jersey via NYC where I had my own advertising and cable tv show company for 20 years.

What I am offering is a flash photo display with music, plus a video with music or infomercial with you saying something about your business, service, or combination of both, This will be placed on your website, if you have one, or a sub site of ACbusinessGuide.com, and AC Guide, which I will build for you.

The HD video will give your business exposure on YouTube. The photo display will be placed on flickr.com and receive constant exposure there also. You will also get exposure on AC Guide, AC Business Guide, and The Village Grande, which is constantly being viewed by some 600 families that reside there and The Village Grande At Little Mill. Three hundred more homes will be built at English Mill. This does not count all the family and friends of these communities that also check out the website often because of the video and slideshows I do for all of their major events.
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My company AC Guide is in the process of setting up a website that will have all the 55 plus communities in Atlantic County as a part of it,
AC55plus.com, you will also get that exposure. We are also setting up a website for the 20,000 plus Veterans that reside in Atlantic County, you will also receive exposure on that site, ACvets.org

All of this will be on your AC Guide & ACbusinessGuide.com sub site, or your own website, we also build and host business websites at a VERY reasonable price if you don’t already have one your satisfied with. Your website would also include your menu or price list, and anything else you would like on it, such as a contact form, coupon specials, a tribute page (reviews from your customers via the contact form on your site as well as any other ones I find on the internet which I would constantly up date.

We could also send mass emails to your customers wishing them happy holidays and making them aware of any specials your running. (additional cost)

Just the photo display and slideshow, along with the video, is worth much more than what we’re charging
Contact Cliff - 609-741-8451

Click here to see the last website we built along with the video, photo’s etc. click here for our contact form

I will create a flash photo page with the theme of your choice. Anything from A to Z, For your business, your wedding, your pets, special event, vacation, a political message, anything at all.

if you have the photos I'll create the page. You can choose the music of your choice, a voice message plus music, a sales pitch, you name it. The audio can be set to auto start when you go to the page or manual start.

The page background can be designed especially for your needs. Once created it can be linked from your website if you have one or you can put the link on your business card, menu, price sheet or send it via email to anyone you want to show it off to. New photos or messages can be added to you page at anytime.

I can also build you a complete family, personal.or business website with flash pages included.

Check out the 3D revolving photo wall, click on the photo to see them larger. The grid photos remain the same size but can be linked to a different website page.

Contact Cliff Buy Now button is to try the service for one month, the reduced price of $49 is not locked in - Subscribe button is to officially sign up and you will be auto billed $49 each month. This locks you into this reduced price, a saving of $31 per month.
See some examples of our flash pages below.


Super Summer Special.... Treasured Pix
What you get is your own photo flash slideshow with the flash effect and music of your choice, on your own business or personal webpage.

The slideshow is also put on YouTube with a video player on your page, additional photos can be added to the slideshow at any time in the future so you can constantly update it. Your photos will be cropped and resized if need be.

The price for all this is $49.00 which includes up to 20 photos. Additional photos are $1 ea for the original order.

The price for photos added to the flash slideshow at a later date is $5 plus $1 for each digital photo, they will also be cropped and resized if needed.
Call 609-741-8451 - Ask for Cliff before you pay...

Pets Grid - Pets Wall - Homes Grid - Homes Wall - Weddings Grid - ACVE
Halloween - Ring Fever Stars - Capri Pizzeria Photo Wall - Testimonials
Professional Network Commercial Quality Video From My NY Company Ring Fever Productions
Playwright Irish Pub - Ring Fever - St Paddy’s Day - Trailer
3D Revolving Flash Photo Wall Pages
Capri Pizzeria - Village Grande - RingFever
Treasured Moments - Family - Special Occasions - Pets
Atlantic County Veterans Expo
Tribute Pages
Wrestling Stars - Vince McMahon - AJ Styles - Kofi Kingston - Jeff Hardy - Robbie E - Kurt Angle

Some Of The Websites WE Created And Maintain
AC VETS - Ring Fever - Just Bagels - Capri Family Pizzeria - Party Depot USA - Our Village Grande - Action Bowlers
AC Home Guide - AC55plus - Travel Club USA - AC Butch - AC Business Guide - MMA In The House

Special Price List, Limited Time

A Listing with one business photo - $15/mo = $180/yr

A listing plus a flash page with a business photo plus menu or price list  - $25/mo = $300/yr - example - Capri Pizza Menu
A sub website - $210/3mo - $360/6mo - $495/9mo - $600/1yr

Your own website built and maintained by us, check for pricing...

Special Events $495, see example - http://www.ac-guide.com/ACVE/

Professional network commercial quality video and flash webpage $1995, see example - http://ringfever.com/Playwright/

I suggest you check out the prices for this service, Video Shooting and Production
You could call and ask for the price to shoot, edit, and produce a 3 minute business video...

ADS Productions - 609-871-7872

Cape May Video - 609-624-3566

Alliance Video Production - 609-268-7044

Your World Productions - 800-878-1547

Cape May Video - 609-624-3566

Provismedia - 910-256-6252

Video Link - 800-914-7540

Studio B Films - 510-848-6026
You can also just look in the phone book for any video production company that does commercial video's and or photos.

Free Classifieds

Example of websites I just recently completed with photo displays, slideshows, and video.
Capri Family Pizzeria - Ring Fever - Village Grande At English Mill - Just Bagels

Example of what the Grande Gazette charges for no where’s near the exposure of the websites, plus of course no photo displays, slideshows or video
click here to see the actual Gazzette

I use a Canon T! SLR Digital camera for both photos and video - What is a SLR Digital camera, click here

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